Friday, January 30, 2009


My friend Mia and I went on a little road trip looking for a wedding venue(for her off course. I don't touch that stuff). We drove from Cape Town to Stellenbosch to franschoek to Villiersdorp, to Tulbagh(to collect my mail). from Tulbagh to Darling and back to Cape Town, a round trip of about 450km's. We saw a baby Eagle Owl, some springbuck and 4 windmills. Interesting day.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Goodbye Mother

Marlene Elizabeth Vorster 1938 - 2009
Fill life,
with memories to remember.
Even days and years gone by…
In your heart,
are memories sweet and forever.

Jy was my held, my rots en my inspirasie .
Maar meeste van alles was jy my Ouma.
Which I love and care for so deeply.
You had the fullest personality of any one I have ever met and could offer so much advice and wisdom to family and friends. Your generosity was endless and when you walked into a room we could all feel your presence whether it be your uniqueness, outgoingness or even what you were wearing.

I loved and even at times gave a chuckle at how you always bought and cooked food as if you still had four growing rugby boys. The way you spoke and cared for all your animals, Vetti the dog, the chickens and even the little kwikstertjies.
These are all the things that made you the loving and caring person you were that created a place in all our hearts.

I think Ouma Marlene can be an example to all of us sitting here today celebrating her beautiful life. To life like there’s no tomorrow. Stand for what you believe in but most of all…. As jy ‘n mooi top sien vir R800 wat jy rerig van hou, koop dit voor iemand anders dit kry! You only live once so make the most of it.

Like my sister Amy and I used to call her, Ouma Maween I will always love you and never forget the fond memories we shares. The sweetie draw, tea and rusks in bed with oupa, Walking kallep, Shopping for so long we literally dropped and of course your out-of-this-world trifle!

I am so proud to call myself your oldest granddaughter. I love you and will see you in paradise, one day where we will once again walk hand in hand.
        - Elizabeth(16)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

More better Polaroids please.

Cash and availability of Polaroid film permitting I would like to put together another selection of Polaroids like I did here. I'll also need a new muse...anyone?

Saturday, January 03, 2009

3de MK Avontoer

ST(E)AK and myself, we joined band members, organizers, roadies and groupies for a good party after the last show in Mossel Bay, before the spectacle moved on to J-bay. As usual we took some pictures.
We also drove up the coast yesterday to get pictures for the next issue of Pangram. but that's top secret stuff that you'll only be able to see when issue #2 launch sometime in January.